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desember 2017
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I desse dagane blir det utsendt program for Kristne Kunstneres Forening sitt arrangement på Framnes v.k.skule i Hardanger 3.-8.august. Dette er ei samling for dei som kallar seg amatørar til meir profesjonelle. For dei som vil vita meir om dette kan dei få programmet tilsendt på e-mail. Du kan lesa meir om dette ved å klikka på Kristne Kunstneres Forening til venstre på sida

Eigerøy lighthouse in the distant.

Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of Eigerøy litgh-house in the distant. Oil on linen.50×60cm.
People understand that a painting cannot create itself. But a painting can be just a copy of the nature. But some people believe that nature has created itself. For me is that complete impossible. In Rom.1. we find this verse from St.Paul:– the creation of the world Gods invisible qualities- His eternal power and divine nature- have been clearly seen, beeing understood from what has been made,-so that men are without excuse.


Brook. Size:50×40cm. Oil on linencanvas.MMXIV.II


Rowingboat 41×73 cm. Oil on linencanvas.


My daughter and I sing in Kongeparken 2013

Evening sun.


From the Norwegian shoreline


I ca’nt see who is watching my website.

But I was really surprised when i saw the statistics in what country they live. The last month, on the top we find China with 16734 visitors!! Then Norway with 13257. Ukraina with 7922!! and USA with 5271. Greeting to them all.

One of my biggest paintings ever. 120cm-200cm.

From the Norwegian mountains. From the Norwegian Mountains


I used transparent oxyde red glaze on wooden wall.sjc3b8hus-og-hamn2

2017Odd Dubland