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I can`t understand why not all people speak Norwegian. That is so simple for me. When I was 3 years old I spoke Norwegian fluently. I had no teacher nor books. My mother did not sit with me and tell how to pronounce the words. It came to me the natural way. But when I shall speak English I have to go to school. I need a teacher and books. And still I cannot speak it properly. Excuse my bad English. I was born on a farm in Varhaug in Rogaland in 1938. 45 kilometres south of Stavanger. I have allways been interested in art. But I have no education in art, and I am totally selfmade or autodidakt. From I was 20 I have been evangelist in Norwegian Lutheran Mission. Let me say it in this way: If you take the art away from me, you take very much. But if you take Jesus Christ away from me,-you do`nt take very much. -You take it all.
About Norwegian Lutheran Mission:- (NLM) is an independent, Evangelical, Lutheran organisation, committed to the inerrancy of the Bible as the Word of God.
NLM was founded in 1891 with the purpose of sending missionaries to China. Presently NLM is one of the largest mission organisations in Europe.
NLM is working under the motto The World for Christ. Our vision is to proclaim the message of the Bible to people abroad, and in Norway. Our aim is to empower people to a legitimate service in the Kingdom of God.

Anyway,I am evangelist and painter. Like St.Paul. With words from the gospel he painted Jesus Christ as crucified.Gal.3:1
” Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified.

Odd Dubland was born in 1938 on a farm in Jaeren,on the southwest coast of Norway.

From his early childhood, Odd has had a great interest in art. Formal education in this field was not available, so he has developed his painting skills by practice and self-study.
He built his first studio at his homestead in Dirdal first in 1981. In 1995 he built a new larger studio and now has both an art gallery and painting studio at the homestead.

Although Odd Dubland has created a few expressionistic works, he is true to naturalism. He is well known as a seascape and landscape painter. He feels that there will always be a place for the classic approach, both in painting and in music. He has also produced a large number of gospel music CD`s through the years.

Odd has had numerous one-man art shows. The exhibitions have been very well attended and most paintings were sold within minutes.

Odd is the author of two books “Mellom Palett og preikestol” and “På eigne vegar”, in the last one there are about 140 photos of his paintings. In 2008 he contributed about 60 paintings to the book “Himmeltonar” by the nationally known author and poet Haldis Reigstad.

Odd Dubland has also been teaching art classes for many years. He has also been a minister in the Norwegian Lutheran Mission all his adult life. Around 1994 Odd Dubland started the “Kristne Kunstneres forening” which annually arranges a 5-day event for artists. This year there are 90 participants registered to attend the art classes and gathering.

You can find out more about this colorful man at his website

His address is:
Odd Dubland,
4335 Dirdal
Phone 51616362- Cellphone 91149396



Comment fra Otto & Betty Sather
Tid: 12.09.07, 04:58

Otto is cousin to Sven Tonstad, and he gave us your name.
Otto’s mother came to America in the early 1900’s, so, of course, Norway has a great attraction for us, and we have been back to visit Sven 3 times. It is good to know you love the Lord Jesus Christ as we do too; in fact Otto is a pastor in a small church on a nearby island, so we love the same Lord and it is good to hear of your love for Him. Greetings from the state of Washington. God bless!

Comment fra Gordon Bakke
Tid: 13.12.07, 17:02

Dear Odd,
I am another one of the relatives. My full name is Anton Gordon Bakke. Those with the last name Sinnes and Nesset from Sirdal and Sandes are my very close relatives. Actually, almost every one of the old families in the Sirdal valley including Sven Tonstad are my relatives. Some by marriage and some by blood. I love the Lord and have served Him since I was a boy. In December 1967 my wife and I went to Zambia, Africa to serve with the Africa Evangelical Fellowship mission. I am a pilot/mechanic so I did a lot of flying as well as preaching and Bible teaching. We lived there 22 years. In 1995, 1998 and 200l I made trips to Africa. I have been flying for 45 years and even yesterday I was flying for more than one hour. Since the end of 1999 I have been involved with Mission Aviation Training Academy. At first, on a part-time basis and for the past 3 1/2 years full-time. For all these years including the present I have not received a salary but look to the Lord to supply the funds needed. For the past 6 years every Summer I have flown my 1959 Cessna 182 aeroplane to Western Alaska were there are no roads. I help with the flying at Kako Bible Camp. We bring the children from the villages to camp and at the end of the week take them home. Some of the villages are 250 km from the camp. Twice I have flown up to Nome to see Sven Sinnes”s sisters who live there. I am sorry I did not get to meet you this past July when we were in Norway. God bless you and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Comment fra George and Hilda
Tid: 10.04.08, 15:38

Odd,i was glad to meet you this morning(The English couple at the cemetary)Your conversation was very informative and helped us a lot .Your paintings are very good,professional,and show your love of the sea and of course the love of your creatore.I hope to visit your gallery before returning to Enland.Good luck,God bess.Geo/Hil

Comment fra mary-ann weiby
Tid: 24.02.09, 08:33

utrolig vakre bilder!!!!!! maa kikke litt naermere paa de senere…….gav meg insp. til aa “begynne igjen”……… ja, kanskje prove paa en “kristen forening her i Benidorm ” - det trengs………God bless you and keep on painting!ps! and preatching!!

Comment fra Brita Maripuu
Tid: 18.06.09, 17:14

Hei Odd!

Tusen takk for det inspirerende seminaret som du holdt i Lunde bedehus i april!!!
Jeg har et spørsmål til deg: Er det mulig å kjøpe noen av dine bilder?

Brita Maripuu

Comment fra Carol Gray, USA
Tid: 23.09.09, 19:13

I wrote my comments on your Norwegian contact site so I hope you receive it!

Comment fra driana
Tid: 06.07.11, 15:11

I don’t speak englis or norwegian. I am a chilean woman (from Chile, South America) I Have 61 years old and I am a bequinnr in the paint. Iloved your landscapes, mor the seaside and the violent waves, they are beautifull. I saw her in the Perz Fine art. Congratulations!

Comment fra Dagny Jensen Hassinger
Tid: 06.08.11, 15:41

I thought I was an artist until I saw your paintings. They are stunning. Your use of color makes me cry. And your interpretation of God’s word should be seen by the world. Sorry I live so far from your classes.
By the way my Mom’s name was Oddny!! From Møkster.

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